[tz] Another change on Brazilian DST time

Paul Ganssle paul at ganssle.io
Wed Oct 10 12:17:20 UTC 2018

I imagine this wouldn't help much, since the airport opening and closing
times would still be subject to local time fluctuation, along with the
shifts of all the ground-based workers. There may also be local
regulations about when airplanes can operate.

I think, for example, John Wayne airport in southern California has
rules about when planes are allowed to take-off and leave for noise
mitigation reasons. Even if that doesn't exist

On 10/9/18 2:43 PM, Paul Eggert wrote:
> Lester Caine wrote:
>> That IATA is now complaining about the very short notice
> If *I* were running an airline, I'd issue tickets with times in UTC
> only. That would solve *that* problem.
> And perhaps that's why I'm not running any airlines....

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