[tz] Another change on Brazilian DST time

Stepan Golosunov stepan at golosunov.pp.ru
Wed Oct 10 18:39:11 UTC 2018

11.10.2018 в 00:53:17 +0800 Phake Nick написал(а):
> In fact railroad in countries like Kazakhstan, Russia, China do follow time
> of their capital and thus you need to use Moscow time even if you're taking
> a train at Vladivostok, which it doesn't appears to be convenient.

That's no longer true for Russia:

> 在 2018年10月10日週三 02:44,Paul Eggert <eggert at cs.ucla.edu> 寫道:
> > Lester Caine wrote:
> > > That IATA is now complaining about the very short notice
> >
> > If *I* were running an airline, I'd issue tickets with times in UTC only.
> > That
> > would solve *that* problem.
> >
> > And perhaps that's why I'm not running any airlines....
> >

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