[tz] Ethiopia local time

Clive D.W. Feather clive at davros.org
Thu Oct 11 14:28:19 UTC 2018

Paul Eggert said:
> Ethiopia time is out of our scope not so much because we can't represent 
> current practice in many Addis Ababa businesses (we can), but because 
> it's an independent feature that POSIX and/or tzdb is not set up to 
> model. One can use so-called Ethiopian timekeeping in any timezone; 
> should we set up an Ethiopian variant for every current tzdb identifier, 
> for the benefit of Ethopians sojourning in other locations?

No, because that's not common practice in other countries.

Everything I've read here says that a significant population in Ethiopia
effectively runs their life on UTC-3 rather than the UTC+3 that people
might expect. So I think it's reasonable to have that in the database.

I see no difference between this and the decision to include Asia/Urumqi.

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