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Additional online electronic records I found:
1941 June 14, Hong Kong Daily Press, Daylight Saving from 3am Tomorrow:
1941 September 30, Hong Kong Daily Press, Winter Time Warning:

Phake Nick <c933103 at gmail.com> 於 2018年10月26日週五 下午10:34寫道:

> Today I went to check microfilm records stored at Hong Kong Public Library
> and found following situation that are inconsistent with tz database record.
> * Around April 1 1941, there're no news about DST on various newspapers
> that I checked. Time given for sunrise/sunset around the period are also
> continuous (as in they're minutes within each others on those days,
> indicating there are no change to time standard around 1941 April 1.
> * I have subsequently checked Hong Kong Observatory's site and the site
> now list the 1941 DST start date for Hong Kong as June 15. (url is same as
> the one in tz file but content is different from when the 2009 comment was
> made) I have not tried validating the info from those newspapers as I
> wasn't aware of the table's current content until I stopped using the
> library.
> * And then, on September 30 1941, according to Ta Kung Pao (Hong Kong
> edition), it was stated that fallback would occur on the next day (the
> 1st)'s "03:00 am (Hong Kong Time 04:00 am)" and the clock will fall back
> for a half hour. (03:00 probably refer to the time commonly used in
> mainland China at the time given the paper's background), after it was
> spring forward for an hour months ago. I cannot find out record of English
> newspaper from that day, but the sunrise/sunset time given by South China
> Morning Post for October 1st was indeed moved by half an hour compares to
> before.
> * After that, in December, the battle to capture Hong Kong started and the
> library doesn't seems to have any record stored about press during that
> period of time. Some media resumed publication soon after that within the
> same month, but there were not much information about time there. Later
> they started including a radio program guide when they restored radio
> service, explicitly mentioning it use Tokyo standard time, and later added
> a note saying it's half an hour ahead of the old Hong Kong standard time,
> and it also seems to indicate that Hong Kong was not using GMT+8 when it
> was captured by Japan.
> * Image of related sections on newspaper:
> 1941 September 30, Ta Kung Pao (Hing Kong) , "Winter Time starr tomorrow":
> https://i.imgur.com/6waY51Z.jpg  (Chinese)
> 1941 September 29, South China Morning Post, Information on sunrise/sunset
> time and other things for September 30 and October 1:
> https://i.imgur.com/kCiUR78.jpg
> 1942 February 5, The Hong Kong News, Radio Program Guide:
> https://i.imgur.com/eVvDMzS.jpg
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