[tz] tzdata2018g.tar.gz failing to install in Java 8

Long, Karen Karen.Long at aa.com
Tue Oct 30 16:48:23 UTC 2018

Is anyone notifying the vendors that this does not work for Java 8?

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Karen Long
Manager IT Operation//Production Support

From: Carter, Tom
Sent: Tuesday, October 30, 2018 10:53 AM
To: tz at iana.org
Cc: Nallamilli, Satish <Satish.Nallamilli at aa.com>; Long, Karen <Karen.Long at aa.com>; Carter, Tom <Tom.Carter at aa.com>; CSSupport <CSSupport at aa.com>
Subject: tzdata2018g.tar.gz failing to install in Java 8

Iana team:

I am getting the following when trying to install tzdata2018g.tar.gz using the latest tzupdater.jar (2.2.0) for Java 8.

Failed: java.lang.Exception: Failed while parsing file '/tmp/tz.tmp_5/asia' on line 1655 'Rule  Japan 1948  1951  -     Sep   Sat>=8      25:00 0     S'

java.lang.Exception: Failed while parsing file '/tmp/tz.tmp_5/asia' on line 1655 'Rule Japan 1948  1951  -     Sep   Sat>=8      25:00 0     S'

      at tools.tzdb.TzdbZoneRulesCompiler.parseFile(TzdbZoneRulesCompiler.java:377)

      at tools.tzdb.TzdbZoneRulesCompiler.compile(TzdbZoneRulesCompiler.java:191)

      at tools.tzdb.TzdbZoneRulesCompiler.<init>(TzdbZoneRulesCompiler.java:307)

      at com.sun.tools.tzupdater.ExternalModule.compileToJSRBinary(ExternalModule.java:153)

      at com.sun.tools.tzupdater.TimezoneUpdater.run(TimezoneUpdater.java:230)

      at com.sun.tools.tzupdater.TimezoneUpdater.main(TimezoneUpdater.java:634)

Caused by: tools.tzdb.DateTimeException: Invalid value for SecondOfDay value: 90000

      at tools.tzdb.ChronoField.checkValidValue(ChronoField.java:173)

      at tools.tzdb.LocalTime.ofSecondOfDay(LocalTime.java:210)

      at tools.tzdb.TzdbZoneRulesCompiler.parseMonthDayTime(TzdbZoneRulesCompiler.java:475)

      at tools.tzdb.TzdbZoneRulesCompiler.parseRuleLine(TzdbZoneRulesCompiler.java:399)

      at tools.tzdb.TzdbZoneRulesCompiler.parseFile(TzdbZoneRulesCompiler.java:354)

      ... 5 more

Please advise when will this be fixed?


Tom L Carter
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