[tz] Proposed DST bills by state and "future" USA time zones map

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Thu Apr 25 04:45:05 UTC 2019


Please see the data table for proposed DST bills by state:

and also reference image of USA time zones map
(current and "future"- if all current DST bill pass)
courtesy of WorldTimeZone.com

Some summary:

- New England states (Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, 
Rhode Island, Connecticut)  plus Florida, Delaware, West Virginia, North 
Carolina, South Carolina hope to adopt DST permanently which would 
change them from Eastern Standard Time (EST)  to Atlantic Standard Time 
Surprisingly, Washington D.C. also proposed similar bill (22-0775) that
was introduced in Apr 10, 2018 and probably has not moved forward.

- New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and all Michigan state (currently use 2 
time zones)  prefer to eliminate DST and stay in Eastern Standard Time 
(EST)  year-round.

- Alabama, Arkansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Mississippi, Iowa want to
adopt DST permanently which would change them from Central Standard Time
(CST)  to Eastern Standard Time (EST).

- Kansas, Oklahoma prefer to drop DST and stay in Central Standard Time
(CST) year-round.

- Meanwhile Texas, Georgia would like to have a referendum allowing
voters to indicate a preference for exempting the state from DST or to
use DST time year-round.

- Some states with 2 times zones would like to unify under single time zone
(Indiana, North Dakota)

- Pacific cost states (California, Washington, and Oregon) would
like to stay on DST year- round which would change them from Pacific
Standard Time (PST)  to Mountain Standard Time (MST).

- Alaska, Colorado, New Mexico prefer to stay in their current time zone 
(no DST).

- Montana, Wyoming, Utah prefer to adopt DST permanently and move from
Mountain Standard Time (MST) to Central Standard Time (CST) zone.

P.S. The data is changeable and should only be used as reference / 
guideline and doesn't presumed to be 100% up to date.


Alexander Krivenyshev

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