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I don't think localizing the identifier would solve much of the problem
like user at Hanoi would most probably not know they need to select
Asia/Bangkok to be the right timezone for them even if you localize the

在 2019年2月25日週一 18:32,Martin Burnicki <martin.burnicki at meinberg.de> 寫道:

> Sorry for jumping in so late. I've been on a short vacation with very
> limited internet access, and have just read the emails in this thread.
> If the current time zone names should indeed just be taken as IDs rather
> than real names then IMO it would be very helpful if there also was a
> list of mappings provided that links readable display names to TZDB ID
> names.
> Otherwise each project has to do this by itself, and the problem seems
> to be that some projects just use the ID names from TZDB while other
> projects do the mapping by themselves.
> If there was a mapping list included with TZDB then different projects
> could rely to them and use the same, consistent information and displaying.
> Anyway, there's still a different point. I'm assuming that English is
> the native language for most members of this list, but most applications
> taking care about time zones let users select them zone in their native
> language, so some internationalization would also be very helpful.
> For example, the zone "Europe/Macedonia" is displayed as
> "Europa/Makedonien" on my Linux/KDE system set to German language. As
> far as I can see each project that has to deal with this kind of things
> has to provide the translations by themselves.
> Since TZDB is maintained on github I'd expect there would be quite some
> folks that were happy to provide translations for zone names, eventually
> exported from their own, local projects.
> Once such a mapping list has been set up it should not be to hard to
> maintain it, and those who make changes to the DB itself know best which
> of the mapped links would be affected by a particular change.
> Another point that has recently been discussed is how an event time is
> affected if the time zone rules change after the point in time where the
> event is created for some local time, and before the time the  event
> happens.
> I think we'd have too distinguish a little bit. If there is a virtual
> meeting scheduled in local time for 11:30 New York time, and the New
> York time zone changes by 1 hour then I'd expect that the event time
> will still be 11:30 local time, but the event time for my location in
> Central Europe will change by 1 hour.
> On the other hand, if I've booked a flight for 11:30 New York time and
> the New York time zone changes then eventually the departure time may
> also change by 1 hour to keep the flight consistent with connection
> flights in other time zones.
> So it depends on the application, but in any case it would be helpful if
> at least the time zone names on my PC, on my smartphone, etc. would be
> consistent.
> Martin
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