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Alois Treindl wrote:
> So whether it was DST or not, at the time given in the article light cannot have 
> started to fail

That depends on what the article's author Bill Dow meant by "fail". In a burning 
city, light could "fail" well before astronomical sunset.

> You say in your comment that you have seen "multiple reports that (Shanks DST 
> data) is incorrect."
> I am curious what those other reports might be.

Sorry, I don't remember the details.

As I vaguely recall, the situation in Michigan was chaotic. The state rebelled 
against the federal daylight-saving law, some counties rebelled against the 
state, cases went to the state supreme court which may have (temporarily?) 
suspended the state's suspension of DST, and I don't know of any reliable 
catalog of what actually happened that year in Detroit. Perhaps someone could 
spring the money and read all the stories in the Detroit Free Press and Detroit 
News archives related to daylight saving time that year. I expect there would be 
dozens of stories to wade through.

Let's hope the competing newspapers in Detroit didn't follow the model of 
Nashville in the previous decade. That Nashville story is so entertaining that 
it should be promoted from our email archive to the northamerica comments. 
Proposed patch attached.
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+    Nashville's newspapers dueled about the time of day in the 1950s.
+    (Thanks to John Seigenthaler.)
     Liechtenstein observed Swiss DST in 1941/2.
     (Thanks to Alois Treindl.)
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@@ -406,6 +406,31 @@ Zone America/New_York	-4:56:02 -	LMT	1883 Nov 18 12:03:58
 # From Paul Eggert (2015-12-25):
 # Assume this practice predates 1970, so Fort Pierre can use America/Chicago.
+# From Paul Eggert (2015-04-06):
+# In 1950s Nashville a public clock had dueling faces, one for conservatives
+# and the other for liberals; the two sides didn't agree about the time of day.
+# I haven't found a photo of this clock, nor have I tracked down the TIME
+# magazine report cited below, but here's the story as told by the late
+# American journalist John Seigenthaler, who was there:
+# "The two [newspaper] owners held strongly contrasting political and
+# ideological views.  Evans was a New South liberal, Stahlman an Old South
+# conservative, and their two papers frequently clashed editorially, often on
+# the same day....  In the 1950s as the state legislature was grappling with
+# the question of whether to approve daylight saving time for the entire state,
+# TIME magazine reported:
+# "'The Nashville Banner and The Nashville Tennessean rarely agree on anything
+# but the time of day — and last week they couldn't agree on that.'
+# "It was all too true. The clock on the front of the building had two faces -
+# The Tennessean side of the building facing west, the other, east.  When it
+# was high noon Banner time, it was 11 a.m. Tennessean time."
+# Seigenthaler J. For 100 years, Tennessean had it covered.
+# The Tennessean 2007-05-11, republished 2015-04-06.
+# https://www.tennessean.com/story/insider/extras/2015/04/06/archives-seigenthaler-for-100-years-the-tennessean-had-it-covered/25348545/
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