[tz] Issue with EST timezone

Manjusri Mahendran -X (manjmahe - INFOSYS LIMITED at Cisco) manjmahe at cisco.com
Wed May 8 08:03:49 UTC 2019

Matt and Paul,

Thanks much for replying and updating the Wikipedia !

We did refer to the wiki yesterday and few other links, one such is https://stackoverflow.com/questions/41672825/which-three-letter-time-zone-ids-are-not-deprecated which cited EST is deprecated
Looks like this issue is seen since OS RPM from Redhat "tzdata"  is missing rules for EST timezone.
Anyways , we suggested our users to go with alternatives updated last night.

-Thanks again

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I think perhaps the confusion may stem from the list on Wikipedia, which I occasionally contribute to:

Wikipedia isn't authoritative, of course, but it is cited often.  The legend at the top defines the terms used, but I could change the term "deprecated" to something else if it would be helpful.

I added the status column awhile back to encourage people to use the Area/Locality forms of names instead of the older ones.  I just added some additional notes to the ones Manjusri cited to suggest alternatives.

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On 5/7/19 3:53 AM, Manjusri Mahendran -X (manjmahe - INFOSYS LIMITED at
Cisco) wrote:
> We have issues on Call Manager running on EST timezone.
> Could see that there is no replacement added for deprecated timezones
> EST, HST and MST whereas other deprecated timezones such as "Brazil
> East" and "Singapore" has a replacement.
> How are these three timezones different from the rest of deprecated ones.?

They aren't deprecated. EST, HST, and MST are still in tzdb, in the
'northamerica' file. They've been there since 2005. It sounds like
you've run into an issue that is downstream from tzdb.
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