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Stephen Trainor wrote on 07/05/2019 05:13:

> In reading the page referenced in this 2016 thread on historical Italy time 
> zones (https://mm.icann.org/pipermail/tz/2016-October/024363.html), it states:
> "Regio Decreto del 22 Settembre 1866  n° 3224  di  Re Vittorio Emanuele II  ( in 
> vigore dal 12 Dicembre 1866 )

For further reference, this is the scan of the decree: 
http://www.radiomarconi.com/marconi/filopanti/1866c.jpg included in 

The decree consists of two articles.

Article 1 says that railways, telegraph and postal services of continental 
province of the reign will use the time of Rome

Article 2 says that Sicily will use a meridian on the city of Palermo and 
Sardinia will use a meridian of the city of Cagliari. This article is not very 
detailed even in Italian.

On the same webpage you find the scan of decree 490 of August 10 1893 that 
consists of 3 articles.

Article 1 says that the railwaiy reference time will be the solar mean time of 
the meridian located 15 degrees east of Greenwich, called Central Europe time

Article 2 says that the hours will be numbered starting from midnight

Article 3 says that Articles 1 and 2 will be effective starting from 00:00 of 
November 1st 1893 (using time reference of article 1)

According to the comment below the scan of this decree at 00:00 of November 1st 
1893 (CET) in the continental Italy was 23:49, in Sicily 23:53 and in Sardinia 
23:36. This was the first time continental Italy, and two major islands had the 
same time reference



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