[tz] Spelling of Ukrainian cities #KyivNotKiev

Lester Caine lester at lsces.uk
Thu May 9 07:09:03 UTC 2019

On 09/05/2019 07:07, Vitaliy Stavropolskiy wrote:
> Maybe Kiev is more popular for exUSSR population and the rest of the world

This is something of a chicken and egg problem. If every system use of 
Kiev was replaced with Kyiv then the 'popularity' may change, but it 
will result in problems with linking to other well established uses of 
Kiev in the rest of the system. Dictating something happens is not the 
best was of making it happen. Feet and pounds have not been 'the 
standard' in the UK since 1965 and various bans have come and gone yet 
even young people will still use imperial units today. And here in the 
UK Kiev is still Kiev ;)

In terms of translating names from one base to another, hindsight is a 
wonderful thing and perhaps it would have been better if the rules 
stored in TZ had been identified by numbers from the start which is the 
other solution to this problem that keeps bubbling up, but the current 
identification tags are used everywhere to PROVIDE links to all sorts of 
other translations and continually changing them does nothing to keep 
the underlying base stable hence the general consensus to maintain the 
status quo INTERNALLY. But again people are now entrenched using the TZ 
names in a way they are not intended to be use.

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