[tz] WSJ follows AP to Kyiv

Bryan J Smith b.j.smith at ieee.org
Tue Nov 19 21:03:52 UTC 2019

Florian Weimer <fw at deneb.enyo.de> wrote:

> Should the U.S. government really be the arbiter of how the citizens
> of Kyiv call themselves?
> I've changed my mind about this: Ignoring their request denies them
> one of the most basic aspects of self-determination.  I don't see much
> of a difference anymore compared to, say, referring to transgender
> people using their pre-transition pronouns, against their explicit
> wishes.

If I were to be so bold (if not annoying) ...

I don't think that's the argument.**
I think the arguments are, to even be more bold (even I'm possibly too
ignorant to post) ...

1)  What are the thresholds to change the official Zoneinfo Path, not just
an alias or other name, but the Path, of a Zone?
2)  How to handle any alias to the old name(s), when the official Path is
to be changed (per #1)?
3)  What historical precedents are there on this matter (I've been trying
to look through the change logs), to further validate justification (of #1)?
4)  How do we prevent this precedent of 'self-determination,' if
implemented, from being used for other regions, that are 'contested'?

I don't think anyone is against the wishes of anyone, but just trying to
find the point where we 'overcome inertia.'  It's the 'inertia' we're
interested in, even if it seems 'common sense' to change among everyone.

And then there's #4.  I'm thinking of various things from the Middle East
to the American South Atlantic, let alone in east Ukraine itself, which
aren't as 'clear cut,' when 'self-determination' is used.  Even the UN is
still arguing over them, and many things are left unresolved.  We have to
make sure this decision fits in ways that #4 isn't suddenly an issue.

- bjs

**P.S. I think everyone, by default (ignoring the conflict-driven,
advertising-based, for-profit US media, of course ;) ), practices what we,
even if more isolated, North Americans call "The Golden Rule" -- i.e.,
"treat/consider others as you would want to be treated/considered."  I will
always remember one of our Jewish-American broadcasters who spoke of our
fellow, African-American, Muslim convert when he began with these words,
even a supermajority of the sports media refused to see it the same way,
"The man wants to be alled Muhammad Ali ..."

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