[tz] Question about bug seen in OpenBSD and FreeBSD related to tzname

Andras Farkas deepbluemistake at gmail.com
Thu Nov 21 07:19:01 UTC 2019

I've tested things, using tzdb-2019c.tar.lz and rewriting the main()
function of date.c in it to be the same as the daytime.c test program
I wrote before.
The output, both when compiling this on OpenBSD, and on FreeBSD, is
the same as what Guy Harris reported for macOS 10.14:
tzname[0]: CAT
(three spaces, for tzname[1]'s value)
This behavior seems good enough to me, and thus shows me that the bug
is not in upstream (here) but in OpenBSD and FreeBSD.  Thanks for
helping me out, guys!

Unrelatedly, and interestingly enough, I couldn't get things to
compile while using -DUSG_COMPAT=1 in CFLAGS, on FreeBSD.  However, I
was able to get things to compile like that on OpenBSD.  (Notably,
FreeBSD doesn't support daylight or timezone, itself, while OpenBSD
does.  This seems to indicate USG_COMPAT'd tzcode can only be compiled
on OSes already supporting those features)

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