[tz] Changes in time zone Pacific/Norfolk

Paul Eggert eggert at cs.ucla.edu
Sat Oct 26 17:20:49 UTC 2019

On 10/24/19 11:14 PM, Nishit Doshi wrote:
> Norfolk Islands have implemented the DST schedule of Australia. Please 
> Implement the changes as soon as possible.

This change was released in tzdb 2019c on September 11, thanks to a 
notification by Kyle Czech on August 13. If you're running the most 
recently patched release of Debian, Fedora, etc. then Pacific/Norfolk 
should be working for you already. Here's what I see on my laptop 
running Ubuntu 18.04.3:

$ date -u; TZ=Pacific/Norfolk date
Sat Oct 26 17:20:05 UTC 2019
Sun Oct 27 05:20:05 +12 2019

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