[tz] Joda-Time compiler broken again

Paul Eggert eggert at cs.ucla.edu
Mon Dec 28 18:54:06 UTC 2020

On 12/28/20 2:23 AM, Stephen Colebourne wrote:
> On Mon, 28 Dec 2020 at 02:52, Paul Eggert <eggert at cs.ucla.edu> wrote:
>> It is odd that Joda-Time handles "Jul 31 24:00" correctly (as this has
>> been in tzdb since 2014e for the Egypt rule), but it mishandles "May 31
>> 24:00u" in 2020e. I guess the trailing "u" is part of what triggers the bug.
> The month after July has 31 days. The month after May has 30 days.
> You've obviously never had Mar 31, May 31, Aug 31 or Oct 31 before.

Actually tzdb has had a line "Rule Shang 1947 only - Oct 31 24:00 0 S" 
since tzdb 2018f. So the problem can't be simply 24:00 on the 31st of a 
month that is followed by a shorter month. (Though this doesn't matter 
much for tzdb, given your comment below.)

>> Does your fix to Joda-Time mean that we need not worry about this issue
>> in tzdb? That is, can we just tell people to upgrade to the latest
>> Joda-Time release?
> Yes, no change in tzdb

Thanks, that's good as it means we needn't change ziguard.awk.

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