[tz] What's "right"?

Steve Allen sla at ucolick.org
Thu Nov 12 18:30:48 UTC 2020

On Thu 2020-11-12T11:02:42-0700 Paul Gilmartin via tz hath writ:
> Empirically, this seems to assume time_t of TAI-10.  This isn't
> GPS, which I understand to be TAI-19:
>     http://www.bipm.org/utils/en/pdf/time_ann_rep/Time_annual_report_2015/25_utcgpsglo_TAR15.pdf
> TAI-10 is (accidentally?) the epoch of the IBM z/OS TOD clock.
> I find a couple references to "zoneinfo/right" in Makefile and NEWS.
> Is there more complete documentation of "right" and its rationale
> elsewhere?

TAI - 10 is the time scale that was adopted by USNO navigational
systems (OMEGA, TRANSIT, LORAN-C) starting 1972-01-01 in order that
they could continue to provide a continuous count of elapsed seconds
since their inception.

TAI - 10 corresponds to the number of second markers with nameable
time tags that have been broadcast by radio broadcast time signal
systems that conform to CCIR recommendation 460 since its inception on

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