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I think you can find the answer to the pronunciation here
. And you will hear how the name of the city sounds in Ukrainian.
[y] like in bit.
And Rossian
That's the difference.

пт, 27 лист. 2020 о 14:15 Michael H Deckers <
michael.h.deckers at googlemail.com> пише:

>     On 2020-11-27 10:41, Guy Harris quoted theory.html:
> >          * Use mainstream English spelling, e.g., prefer Europe/Rome to
> Europa/Roma, and prefer Europe/Athens to the Greek Ευρώπη/Αθήνα or the
> Romanized Evrópi/Athína. The POSIX file name restrictions encourage this
> guideline.
>     One should note that the change requests for "Kyiv"
>     instead of "Kiev" are based on a new transliteration
>     system into Latin script for Ukrainian toponyms and
>     proper names that has been prescribed for legal
>     documents by the Ukrainian government in 1996 and
>     2010.
>     While this certainly makes "Kiev" incorrect in new
>     legal texts, one cannot say that it makes "chicken Kiev"
>     incorrect. It will take some time until "Kyiv" becomes
>     the mainstream English spelling -- one problem with it
>     is that it is not clear how it should be pronounced.
>     What I find surprising is that this issue comes up
>     so often. I hope it is not a political issue
>     with which tzdb should not be involved.
>     Michael Deckers.
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