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Matt Johnson-Pint mj1856 at hotmail.com
Fri Nov 27 17:54:22 UTC 2020

IMHO, all this academic debate over which form is more prevalent has gotten way out of hand.  Are we so rigid that we have stopped listening?  I mean seriously, how hard is it to add a link?  It would take all of 5 minutes.  We wouldn't even have to make the Kyiv spelling primary.  Just make a link already.

Matt Johnson-Pint

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> On 27 Nov 2020, at 15:04, Andriy Ivanchenko <ivanchenko.andriy at gmail.com> wrote:
> Thanks for your answers.
> I didn't know I wasn't the first. But I am convinced that I will not be the last. Therefore, I advise you to prepare automatic answers.

A search through the mailing list archive would have shown similar requests every few months for the past several years.

> I hope that you will still change the name to Kyiv.

In time, it'll happen.


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