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Bombay's name change to Mumbai was announced in 1995. Almaty was 1993.
Saint Petersburg was 1991. Nowadays you won't hear their previous English
name anymore even when you talk with English speakers who support those
politicians you listed.
Making up fantasy about a group of people you dislike is not going to be
conductive to discussion on an international mailing list

在 2020年11月29日週日 07:35,Brian Inglis <Brian.Inglis at systematicsw.ab.ca> 寫道:

> My comment was about what names native English readers and speakers are
> likely
> to recognize and use and how long it will take to change that mentality.
> There
> seems to be a lot of inertia resisting changes propagated by modern
> systems,
> exemplified by support for Boris, Donald, and their ilk and supporters,
> who
> would like to believe the clock could and should be turned back to
> maintain
> 20th century or maybe even Victorian norms.
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