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Lester Caine lester at lsces.uk
Sun Nov 29 10:10:32 UTC 2020

On 29/11/2020 08:13, Brian Inglis wrote:
> In some cases all backward links are dropped, possibly relying on CLDR 
> and ICU for any compatability; in others a lot of legacy zone data is 
> kept around, such that nothing that ever worked will ever produce 
> different output, except perhaps for corrections, down to historical 
> zone abbreviations; everything in between may be included, depending on 
> distribution or project policy, maintainer intent and conscientiousness: 
> the mode is likely to be the upstream tzdata defaults, perhaps with 
> patches providing some (additional) deprecation notice period allowing 
> other packages to be adapted, which may include the system time library 
> routines.

Given the important material identified by data that is only available 
in the 'backward' storage it IS about time the ability to drop it was 
removed. The second world war was not that long ago and where backward 
differences are not included there is no indication that the material 
returned me well be incorrect!

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