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The standard time of GMT+2:30 was adopted in the East Africa Protectorate on 1 May 1908.

At midnight on 30 June 1928 the clocks throughout Kenya was put forward half an hour by the Alteration of Time Ordinance, 1928.

The 1928 ordinance was repeal by the Alteration of Time (repeal) Ordinance, 1929 and the time was restored to GMT+2:30 at midnight on 4 January 1930.

The Alteration of Time Ordinance, 1936 changed the time to GMT+2:45 and repealed the previous ordinance at midnight on 31 December 1936 .

The Defence (Amendment of Laws No. 120) Regulations changed the time to GMT+3 at midnight on 31 July 1942.

The provision of the 1936 ordinance was not repealed and was later incorporated in the Interpretation and General Clauses Ordinance in 1948. Although it was overridden by the 1942 regulations.
https://dds.crl.edu/item/217517 (p.101)

In 1950, the Interpretation and General Clauses Ordinance was amended to adopt GMT+3 permanently as the 1942 regulations were due to expire on 10 December.

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