[tz] [PATCH] tz-link.html: update Oracle Java tzupdater README URL

Paul Eggert eggert at cs.ucla.edu
Sun Oct 18 01:02:10 UTC 2020

On 10/17/20 9:32 AM, Brian Inglis wrote:
> Oracle Java tzupdater README URL in tz-link.html has been changed and is
> currently being redirected; update it in case that does not continue:

Thanks for the heads-up. Fixing this prompted me to mention the TZUpdater 
license (which I was not aware of), since that's done for most other software we 
cite. Also, I modernized the description of Oracle JDK and OpenJDK, as well as 
the Python description in the light of Python 3.9 (which if I'm not mistaken, 
makes pytz obsolescent).

I looked into other tools for updating Java from tzdb. It's quite a zoo. 
tz-link.html currently lists ICU, Joda-Time, JTZU, ThreeTen-Extra, and Time4A 
which all appear to be active projects. It also lists the following projects, 
all links that I added in July 2019 but which I'm not as sure about today:

  * IANA Updater, intended for Liberica JDK/JRE, last updated February 2019.

  * ZIUpdater, intended for Zulu Enterprise, Zulu Community, Zulu Embedded, and 
Zing, last updated July 2019.

  * tzdbgen, a backport of some OpenJDK 8 (2014) code to OpenJDK 6 (2009), last 
updated June 2017. This no longer seems to work 

Given the above, the attached proposed patch also stops mentioning tzdbgen as it 
appears to be abandoned. I'll cc. this email to tzdbgen's author Alex 
Kashchenko, though, in case I'm wrong. If anyone knows IANA Updater and 
ZIUpdater's status, I'd appreciate the info; presumably they exist mostly 
because of TZUpdater's license but the licensing situation can be murky in this 
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