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Mon Oct 26 15:16:03 UTC 2020

I, as a general user, would like to add a bit information to the other
user's comment.
Name of zone in the tz database is not decided according to name given to a
timezone nor is it given to name of a country's capital. Instead it is
named after the most populated city in each zone.

Also, according to my understanding, West Bank and Gaza is separated in
these record because their history of time zone is now exactly identical
from year 1970 onward, which the database is trying to keep record of
history of each and every time zone in existence since year 1970. If you
find there are error on time-keeping history regarding Palestine in the
database then please submit relevant information to the list for correction
of those records.

在 2020年10月25日週日 15:56,heba.hamad at mtit.gov.ps <heba.hamad at mtit.gov.ps> 寫道:

> ,Dear Sir
> .I’m Heba Hamad .I have been appointed as a focal point by the Ministry of telecommunication and information technology (state of Palestine) to communicate with you
> I’m contacting you in regard to the time zone data base the field related to the state of Palestine. I checked the published data regarding the time zones related to Palestine and noticed that it’s not accurate, and hence I would like to ask for an update to the time zone data base related to Palestine to be as follow
> *  PS   State of Palestine   Asia/AlQuds       UTC +2:00
> *
> :Instead of the following data
>  *PS          State of Palestine            Asia/Gaza
>     UTC +2:00*
>  *PS          State of Palestine            Asia/Hebron
>   UTC +2:00*
> .Kindly advise if any documents, information or procedures are needed from
> our side
> ,Best Regards
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