[tz] iana build failures on Windows

Paul Eggert eggert at cs.ucla.edu
Tue Apr 20 06:14:38 UTC 2021

On 4/19/21 7:09 AM, Manuela Friedrich wrote:

> I had to include signal.h in zic.c to prevent the following error:
> zic.c(610): error C2061: syntax error: identifier 'got_signal'

This is a portability bug recently introduced to zic.c. I installed the 
first attached patch to fix it.

> The I needed to resolved error
> zic.obj : error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol tz_time referenced in function random_dirent

This appears to be another recent portability bug. It's related to a 
portability problem you reported on MS-Windows in response to which in 
2018d I committed a patch that introduced RESERVE_STD_EXT_IDS:


When I recently added the randomish filename code to the development 
version, I neglected to deal with RESERVE_STD_EXT_IDS. The second 
attached patch should fix this issue.

Please give the two patches a try, as I don't use MS-Windows and can't 
easily test these patches on that platform.

> a test run of zdump -v produced way more output than in the last release, the Linux output seems to have become longer too, but maybe this is still under development.

That change is intentional, and was caused by this:


along with some neighboring commits.

Thanks for reporting the problems, and I hope the current development 
version of tzdb addresses the issues you mentioned.
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