[tz] iana build failures on Windows

Manuela Friedrich Manuela.Friedrich at actian.com
Tue Apr 27 13:29:00 UTC 2021

we are using Visual Studio 2017, which worked fine in the past

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Hi all,

sorry for jumping in, but could the problem depend on the build environment you are using? E.g. mingw vs. Visual Studio on Windows?


Am 27.04.21 um 13:02 schrieb Manuela Friedrich via tz:
> Hello Paul,
> I rebuilt the latest git code but the zdump -v output is the same.
> I created Abidjan-od-t-x1-win.txt and it is indeed different from your version.
> Note it is the same as for the released 2021a version though.
> Also the 2021a zdump -v worked fine on the 2021a Abidjan file.
> Your zdump-2.diff produced the same result for me, see zdump-2-win.txt.
> Regards
> Manuela Friedrich
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> Subject: Re: iana build failures on Windows
> On 4/22/21 11:22 PM, Manuela Friedrich wrote:
>> please find the tracing output attached.
> Thanks. Here's the first line that differs between your output (-) and mine (+):
> -TRACING: lotm_ok=1 tm_ok=1 only_ok=0 lot=-1830384001 t=-1830383664
> tm={1911-364T23:49:28 dst=0} lotm={1911-364T23:43:51 dst=0} delta=337
> t-lot=337
> +TRACING: lotm_ok=1 tm_ok=1 only_ok=0 lot=-1830383326 t=-1830382989
> tm={1912-000T00:16:51 dst=0} lotm={1911-364T23:55:06 dst=0} delta=1305
> t-lot=337
> This difference suggests that for TZ=Africa/Abidjan and the timestamp
-1830383495, tzdb's localtime behaves differently on your platform than on mine, although the two platforms agree on -1830384001 and on
> -1830382989 (the point of disagreement is halfway between the two 
> points of agreement). localtime should convert this timestamp to 
> 1911-12-31
> 23:52:17 -00:16:08 LMT (with no DST), but evidently it converts to something else on your platform.
> I see three things that could have gone wrong. First, while looking 
> into this I noticed that relevant parts of zic.c and localtime.c rely 
> on implementation-defined behavior when shifting or converting 
> negative integers. Although I doubt that's your problem please try the 
> latest GitHub tzdb
development version, which has these fixes I installed today:
> https://mm.icann.org/pipermail/tz/2021-April/030025.html
> https://mm.icann.org/pipermail/tz/2021-April/030024.html
> Second, the TZif file for Africa/Abidjan could be incorrect on your 
> platform, which would mean a portability bug in zic.c. I'm attaching 
> my Abidjan file (it's binary data) along with Abidjan-od-t-x1.txt, the 
> output of
the shell command 'od -t x1 Africa/Abidjan' (it's a textual representation of that data). Please compare this to your Abidjan file, making sure that it's the actual Abidjan file you're using (you perhaps have multiple near-copies of that file on your system by now...).
> Third, there could be a problem in tzdb's localtime code. To test 
> this,
please apply the attached patch zdump-2.diff to otherwise-unmodified source code and then run 'zdump Africa/Abidjan' (without the '-v'). The output I get is also attached as zdump-2.txt; what output do you get?

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