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> How do stations and networks deal with that latency between
> a news anchor in the home office and a reporter in the field?
> Perhaps a low-latency side channel?  Eight seconds of dead
> air is expensive.

Few stations take the news feed ‘live’ off of the satellite demod any more. Instead, it’s usually pre-recorded and then played when needed to sync to the station’s other programming. (Many stations have software that is capable of playing out the recording while the audio capture is still ongoing; basically a FIFO queue).

In the early 90s, I worked for a news network (SRN News in Washington DC) that actually broadcast the live ‘top of the hour’ news at ten minutes before the top of the hour [XX:50:00], with the actual feed at the top of the hour [XX+1:00:00] simply being a replay of the recorded audio. This was explicitly to allow affiliate stations to easily delay broadcast the news. This practice has since become standard industry practice (most networks now also offer news bulletins via FTP download, which saves the need for an expensive and cumbersome C-band satellite downlink).


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