[tz] DST existed in Portugal 1950

Michael H Deckers michael.h.deckers at googlemail.com
Mon Feb 8 23:13:29 UTC 2021

    On 2021-02-07 08:48, Alois Treindl wrote:

> TZ claims that in 1950 there was no DST in Portugal, zone Europe/Lisbon.
> While it was continuously applied between 1916 and 1965.

    Not in 1922, 1923, 1930, 1933.

> The sources quoted in file europe are poor, it is only Whitman versus 
> Shanks/Pottenger.
> I have researched an online law collection for Portugal at 
> https://dre.pt/ and searched for 'hora de verão'.
> The results are sparse, but what I find on legal texts does not 
> indicate any interruption of the 1916 law for the year 1950.

    I think I have pdfs for all switches in Lisboa (not for Madeira and 
the Azores).
    I found them several years ago, so I'd rather like to check all the 
URLs before
    I send them to the list. Please give me a day or two.

    Madeira is an autonomous region since about 1976 and may do their
    own summer time rules, and they did.

> This Wikipedia page shows a list
> https://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lista_de_per%C3%ADodos_em_que_vigorou_o_hor%C3%A1rio_de_ver%C3%A3o_em_Portugal 
> and mentions the Decreto-Lei nº 370/48 for 1949-1965.
> That law says 'first Sunday in April to first Sunday in October.
> No exception for 1950.
> Here is a list from the Lisbon astronomical observatory, which says 
> the same thing.
> http://oal.ul.pt/documentos/2018/01/hl1911a2018.pdf/

   This is a reliable source since the OAL is responsible for the
   realization of legal time in Portugal. I remember they helped me
   get some of the decrees.

> I suggest that the rules for Europe/Lisbon should be updated accordingly.
   Yes, let's try.

   Michael Deckers.

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