[tz] DST existed in Portugal 1950

Alois Treindl alois at astro.ch
Tue Feb 9 11:58:18 UTC 2021

Thank you.
For astrology, such details are important.
The users of my website have 28 million natal data records stored on it.
1053 of those data records fell into the summer of 1950 with birth in 
Portugal, and were affected by the DST error, which is now fixed.

On 09.02.21 00:58, Paul Eggert wrote:
> On 2/7/21 12:48 AM, Alois Treindl wrote:
>> http://oal.ul.pt/documentos/2018/01/hl1911a2018.pdf/
> Thanks for the pointer. I installed the attached to document the OAL 
> and to say that Portugal observed DST in 1950. I'm looking forward to 
> any corrections coming from the more-reliable sources that Michael 
> Deckers mentioned, as Shanks is a thin reed.
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