[tz] State of Palestine Time zone - need to update

Brian Park brian at xparks.net
Fri Feb 12 00:20:53 UTC 2021

On Thu, Feb 11, 2021 at 3:21 PM Brian Inglis <
Brian.Inglis at systematicsw.ab.ca> wrote:

> The naming is *meant* to be an internal identifier, and I personally hold
> the
> opinion that they should never be changed, until association or
> comprehension is
> misleading or negligible, as they are irrelevant outside of this project.

I agree that primary identifiers should almost never be changed, for
maximum backwards compatibility. But I've been reading this list for about
3 years, and I don't still don't understand why there is reluctance to add
LINK entries. Wouldn't that resolve most of these requests? I think this
entry for Kyiv:

LINK Europe/Kiev Europe/Kyiv

would have prevented about 100 emails on this list.

That is why I am a verbose advocate of telling complainers to submit
> patches or
> PRs for consideration, fork the sources on github, patch the software they
> use
> to suit themselves, or *go pound sand*!

Is this reasonable? Most people don't know how to submit patches to the TZ.
I've been reading this list for several years, and I don't. Many people
know how to submit GitHub PRs, but PRs are not accepted on this project. If
various timezone libraries (e.g. libc, Java Time, Python pytz, dateutils,
JavaScript moment, etc) had easy ways to regenerate their data from custom
TZDB files, then maybe this response would make more sense. But the
procedure for regenerating the local TZ database is often obscure and
underdocumented. And if making a locally patched TZ database was made too
easy, I think there would be a proliferation of custom identifiers (e.g.
"Asia/East_Jerusalem"). Then time zone identifiers would no longer be
interoperable and exchangeable. I don't think that's where we want to go.

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