[tz] macOS implements Links with file copies?

Tom Lane tgl at sss.pgh.pa.us
Sat Feb 13 16:55:45 UTC 2021

scs at eskimo.com (Steve Summit) writes:
> What's fascinating to me is that they are there at all.  I'm a
> foot-dragging Luddite who rarely accepts any of the upgrades that
> vendors push at me -- and yet now that I look, I've got those
> same three fresh tz trees sitting there on my Mac, too, one from
> as recently as three weeks ago.

> Did everybody else know this?  Apologies for making a big deal
> out of it if everybody else already knew this.  Evidently OTA
> is chugging away there quietly in the background, upgrading
> tzdata completely transparently.

If you look in System Preferences -> Software Update -> Advanced, you'll
find a checkbox "Install system data files and security updates", which
is generally on even if you don't have automatic software update enabled.
I believe that's what authorizes auto-installation of tzdata updates,
along with lists of trusted website root certificates, CRLs, antivirus
patterns, and the like.

> Anybody know if there's a connection between OTA's
> tzdata distribution mechanism, and TZDIST?  I'm guessing not.
> (But now I'm wondering if the reason I haven't heard much about
> TZDIST lately is that OTA has rendered it obsolete, or something.)

I'm pretty certain Deborah is just referring to Apple's proprietary
software update channel.

			regards, tom lane

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