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Yaroslav Bilko yaroslav.bilko at itrexgroup.com
Thu Jan 28 21:20:55 UTC 2021

Hi, hope you're doing great!

I've noticed some libraries use quite an irrelevant name for the capital of
Ukraine: "Timezone: Europe/Kiev". And it comes from TZDB.

C'mon lads, everybody in the whole civilized world knows that Kiev is wrong
but you use it for some reason (only bloody russians talk like this and
without any permission from our country (ukrainians), they push that name
just because they want conquer our country and erase ukrainnian culture and
you help them to achieve this goal!), the only one official name of this
city is Kyiv!

Yes, many people say "Kiev" even in Ukraine, but their number is getting
down very fast. People start to figure it out.

And the most important thing - they use it in non-public conversations. In
all public places all information must be written Ukrainian (sometimes
dubbing with English and that's it). It is protected by the law (

All Latin transliteration of our cities written in this law:


[image: image.png]

No Kiev as you can see. Only Kyiv.

Soviet name "Kiev" disappeared 30 years ago. There's no need to exhume this
corpse from the grave.

Ukraine started a official campaign (
) some time ago to show other countries and mass media that Kyiv is only
one true name.

Even Google accepted it and maps show the correct name.

That hit me and my friends and colleagues right in a heart!

We hope you find some time to fix this little typo, but this is little only
for first look!

Hope for your care.
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