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> MS. HARMAN: It would, except I usually set the clock to KFWB. So I feel confident that the clock in my car was accurate.

Back in the day when analog phone loops were the primary means used to backhaul audio/video content, the latency was quite low, and many stations did pride themselves on providing accurate and precise time checks. Things started to change with the introduction of satellite backhaul in the late 70s/early 80s. By the mid/late 90s, the introduction of digital encoding made the whole concept of precise-to-the-second time checks on broadcast channels moot (especially the introduction of systems like “HDRadio” in the US, that introduced around a half-dozen seconds of latency). Sports broadcasters kicked up a fuss (because of the time-honored habit of fans bringing portable radios to the game to follow the play-by-play), but no-one else seemed to care.


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