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Hi all,

I'm a researcher at the University of Edinburgh, currently working on a book about redesigning clocks. My background is in philosophy, though quite interdisciplinary. I'm interested in the disparity between those responsible for the technical aspects of time keeping, who generally understand clock time to be malleable and adjustable, and wider perceptions in the arts and humanities that clocks are objective. The TZ list is a great case study to show this malleability, so I'm hoping to draw on the archives to develop a chapter for the book, where I'll also be talking about leap smearing.

I've been in touch with the owners and the list is regarded as being in the public domain and transparent ie ICANN and its subsidiaries are allowed to "Maintain archival records of a User's participation for historical and research purposes, subject to retention limits imposed by applicable laws" and "To publish a User's comments or feedback along with a User's name for the benefit of others and otherwise to comply with our accountability and transparency principles".

However, in terms of transparency from my side I wanted to let you all know about this project and that once the section is drafted, I will contact those that I reference to ensure that you are okay for quotes to be used in the way I have. No need to respond to me if you are okay with it, but I did want to offer the opportunity to correct me, to remove the quote, or to be anonymised as preferred. I could then share the paper with the group if that was of interest.

I'm very happy to answer any questions, do contact me directly if you'd like to, and thanks for all the great work you are doing.

Finally, if anyone is interested in the project more widely, I wrote a short paper that was published as part of the Science of Time conference at Harvard in 2016 which can be accessed here https://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007%2F978-3-319-59909-0_41

Best wishes,


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