[tz] [PROPOSED] Merge timezones that are alike since 1970

Paul Eggert eggert at cs.ucla.edu
Wed Jun 2 22:06:36 UTC 2021

On 6/2/21 1:34 PM, Michael H Deckers via tz wrote:
>      What I find surprising is that the days of the week
>      as given by Brian are incorrect: the Gregorian dates
>          -2147 481 748-01-01
>          +2147 485 548-01-01
>      are both Thursdays.

The incorrect output in Brian's email was likely due to a longstanding 
signed integer overflow bug in tzcode, which I fixed on March 23:


Because of the bug, tzcode 'date -r' gave the wrong output for extreme 
dates, such as the dates Brian used.

This fix should appear in the next tzdb release. Perhaps it's time for a 
new release, as that bug has bothered me too.

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