[tz] [PROPOSED] Match RFC 8536bis-01 better

Andreas Schwab schwab at linux-m68k.org
Sat Sep 18 07:26:35 UTC 2021

On Sep 17 2021, Paul Eggert via tz wrote:

> @@ -255,11 +256,12 @@ any data that extends beyond the calculated end of the version
>  .PP
>  Other than version 1, writers should generate
>  the lowest version number needed by a file's data.
> -For example, a writer should generate a version 3 file
> -if its leap second table neither expires nor is truncated at the start
> -and so does not use version 4 features, but
> +For example, a writer should generate a version 4 file
> +only if its leap second table either expires or is truncated at the start.
> +Likewise, a writer not generating a version 4 file
> +should generate a version 3 file only
>  TZ string extensions are necessary to accurately

s/only/& if/


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