[tz] Preparing to fork tzdb

Eliot Lear lear at lear.ch
Tue Sep 21 20:16:53 UTC 2021

And who gets to decide?  The strategy used over the entire existence of 
this database has obviated the need to answer that question.


On 21.09.21 22:07, Clive D.W. Feather via tz wrote:
> Watson Ladd via tz said:
>> If what we want is one time zone per country, let's have that
>> conversation instead of having it happen by accident as a side effect
>> of rules that don't mention countries.
> I agree.
> But, if we want to talk about countries, what would surely be more useful
> is a list, for each country, of all the time zones that are at least
> partially in that country.
> Oh, please define "country". Is England a country? Wales? The Netherlands
> (as opposed to the Kingdom of the Netherlands)? Sealand? Taiwan? Macau?
> Bir Tawil? Liberland?
> Do you really want to open this can of worms?

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