[tz] Preparing to fork tzdb

Robert Elz kre at munnari.OZ.AU
Wed Sep 22 22:20:19 UTC 2021

    Date:        Wed, 22 Sep 2021 14:32:01 -0400
    From:        Brooks Harris via tz <tz at iana.org>
    Message-ID:  <614B76A1.6030000 at edlmax.com>

  | It seems it is the mapping of the country codes to time zone names 
  | (tags) that is causing the current difficulties.

No, it's not - the current issues have nothing whatever to do with
zone names or country codes (which are two unrelated issues, the latter
of which has only peripheral relevance to tzdb in any case).

The current issue relates to what data is present in some of the zones
as generated by default.

That's it in its entirety.


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