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Clive D.W. Feather clive at davros.org
Thu Sep 23 12:19:15 UTC 2021

Robert Elz via tz said:
> One zone (at least) per authority (nb: not country) should be the
> goal, as I recall it, that's what we used to have.

Do we know who the authorities are?

Three examples:

(1) I don't know who the authorities in the USA are. I know that the
Secretary of Transport has some kind of authority, but I was under the
impression that state governments are also involved in changing what zone a
state is in. I know that Arizona seems to have at least three separate
authorities. And as for the mess in Indiana ...

(2) The EU is the authority for the transition rules throughout the EU, but
doesn't select what zone a country is in. That's a national matter.

(3) Does Eucla have an authority? Or was it just a few people in the pub
that decided to change the clocks and everyone else went along with it?

(Does Eucla have a pub? Surely it does - it's in Oz.)

> And to answer Clive's question about whether Wales should have its
> own timezone, the answer entirely depends upon whether the Welsh
> parliament (such as it is) has the authority to alter the time in
> Wales,

So far it doesn't.

And you've missed my point, which is that people (e.g. the Welsh) don't
accept 3166 as the authoritative list of countries for domain names, so why
would they for time zones. Which is why "at least one zone per 3166
'country'" isn't automatically going to prevent political arguments.

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