[tz] Preparing to fork tzdb

Clive D.W. Feather clive at davros.org
Thu Sep 23 12:34:23 UTC 2021

Stephen Colebourne via tz said:
> If you want to resolve the issue you need a rule that doesn't end up
> with users in Norway or Sweden requesting the time-zone for 1950 and
> getting the zone information of Germany instead.

But previously you wrote:

| In addition,
| at least one ID per ISO country is entitled to have full history back
| to LMT, **even if it is innaccurate**.

So *YOU* are saying that Norway is entitled to have full history but it
doesn't have to be accurate. So Germany's pre-1970 history *is* fine for

So you need to find a different reason for saying that ISO 3166 is

> IMO the defining characteristic of what is or is not acceptable to
> merge zones across is ISO country boundaries. But I'd love to hear an
> alternate idea.

How about "places with the same time since 1970"? That's objective and

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