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The Department of Transportation sets the boundaries of the time zones, but states (and tribes) can opt out of daylight savings time. 

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> Le 23 sept. 2021 à 08:20, Clive D.W. Feather via tz <tz at iana.org> a écrit :
> Robert Elz via tz said:
>> One zone (at least) per authority (nb: not country) should be the
>> goal, as I recall it, that's what we used to have.
> Do we know who the authorities are?
> Three examples:
> (1) I don't know who the authorities in the USA are. I know that the
> Secretary of Transport has some kind of authority, but I was under the
> impression that state governments are also involved in changing what zone a
> state is in. I know that Arizona seems to have at least three separate
> authorities. And as for the mess in Indiana ...
> (2) The EU is the authority for the transition rules throughout the EU, but
> doesn't select what zone a country is in. That's a national matter.
> (3) Does Eucla have an authority? Or was it just a few people in the pub
> that decided to change the clocks and everyone else went along with it?
> (Does Eucla have a pub? Surely it does - it's in Oz.)
>> And to answer Clive's question about whether Wales should have its
>> own timezone, the answer entirely depends upon whether the Welsh
>> parliament (such as it is) has the authority to alter the time in
>> Wales,
> So far it doesn't.
> And you've missed my point, which is that people (e.g. the Welsh) don't
> accept 3166 as the authoritative list of countries for domain names, so why
> would they for time zones. Which is why "at least one zone per 3166
> 'country'" isn't automatically going to prevent political arguments.
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