[tz] Some thoughts about the way forward

Paul Eggert eggert at cs.ucla.edu
Fri Sep 24 08:39:00 UTC 2021

On 9/24/21 1:08 AM, Jon Skeet wrote:
> we don't genuinely know the impact of a change of *this* scale. I
> would suggest that we've done "this sort of thing" on a smaller scale.

OK, how about if I scale back the current round of link-merging, so that 
it's on the scale of what we've done in previous releases? I would not 
at all be happy with such an approach since it would delay the release 
of an equitable solution, but if this approach will help reach consensus 
I can prepare a patch along those lines. The idea would be to finish the 
job in the next few releases.

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