[tz] Replacing the TZ Coordinator

Guy Harris gharris at sonic.net
Sun Sep 26 19:26:02 UTC 2021

On Sep 26, 2021, at 10:39 AM, Paul Eggert via tz <tz at iana.org> wrote:

> On 9/26/21 10:24 AM, Clive D.W. Feather wrote:
>> Could you provide pointers, please, rather than asking us to search without
>> any clues.
> Listing precise pointers would take some work. Here's a clue instead: Google "Kosovo site:icann.org".

One thread that finds begins at


The Web search also finds non-tzdb-related discussions, such as


which is ICANN-related in that it relates to giving country codes top-level two-letter domains.

To narrow the search to prefer tz mailing list messages, try

	"Kosovo" "[tz]" site:mm.icann.org

which also finds threads beginning at



and a few other threads.

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