[tz] [tz-announce] 2021b release of tz code and data available

Aurelien Jarno aurelien at aurel32.net
Tue Sep 28 19:57:28 UTC 2021


On 2021-09-28 19:21, Matthew Woodcraft via tz wrote:
> On 28/09/2021 18.01, Paul Ganssle via tz wrote:
> > I'd like to try and be as consistent as possible with what the majority
> > of repackagers are doing [...] Anyone tracking who did
> > what who could weigh in on this?
> The changelog entry for the Debian stable tzdata package update released
> today says:
> * Cherry-pick patches from tzdata-2021b until the upstream situation gets
>   less confused:
>   - 01-no-leap-second-2021-12-31.patch: No leap second on 2021-12-31 as per
>     IERS Bulletin C 62.
>   - 02-samoa-dst.patch: Samoa no longer observes DST.
>   - 03-jordan-dst.patch: Jordan now starts DST on February's last Thursday.

I confirm that. Please note that the goal is to eventually ship 2021b
(or 2021c depending on the timing). However the big changes introduced
in 2021b need more testing time than what the urgency of shipping the
Samoa DST update in a stable release allowed, we do not want any
breakage there.


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