[tz] 32-bit section missing transitions in 2021b

Daniel Fischer daniel.fischer at oracle.com
Wed Sep 29 16:53:32 UTC 2021


It looks like 32-bit data generated by 2021b is missing the effects of transitions below INT32_MIN.
Before commit 93132d18, zones had a transition at INT32_MIN to the type in use at that time.
For example, the Pacific/Port_Moresby zone used to have these two transitions:

-2147483648 -> 1 (+10)
 2147483647 -> 1 (+10)

Starting with commit 93132d18, including in 2021b, only one transition is present:

 2147483647 -> 1 (+10)

Since clients are supposed to assume type 0 before the earliest transition, this almost always leads to wrong times for some period of time (or all times for extreme cases like Port Moresby).


Daniel Fischer                                              Rastatt, Germany
                                         Oracle Global Services Germany GmbH

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