[tz] [PATCH] Formatting of NEWS file is inconsistent in 2021b

Paul Ganssle paul at ganssle.io
Thu Sep 30 18:59:24 UTC 2021

All previous entries in NEWS have a format of headings following nested 
levels of indentation — the release is unindented, then subheadings with 
a 2-space indentation, then the contents of each subhead are blocks 
indented with 2 spaces.

In the 2021b release, there is some commentary about the release that 
isn't indented to the level of the "Briefly" sub-block, but also doesn't 
have its own heading. I think it would be preferable to put this note 
under a heading rather than as free-floating content at the level of 
other subheads.

I've attached a patch to move the note into the "Briefly" subheading, 
though it could also be a separate heading like "Note about the 2021b 
release" or something.

I don't really expect this format to be guaranteed or anything, but for 
selfish reasons I liked the consistency of the previous format since it 
makes it much easier for me to parse the NEWS file for repackaging in 
the Python tzdata format. Obviously I do not consider this any sort of 
contract or required interface, but since it seems unlikely that 
accepting this patch would increase your maintenance burden and it will 
decrease my maintenance burden by a decent amount in the future, I'm 
hoping you wont' mind accepting this patch (or a similar one).

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