[tz] Moving more zones to 'backzone'

Clive D.W. Feather clive at davros.org
Wed Aug 17 08:27:20 UTC 2022

Robert Elz via tz said:
>   | For example, despite recent events 
>   | in Kosovo we haven't had to worry about creating a name like 
>   | Europe/Pristina, and this is a win.
> I don't recall seeing anyone request one, which is one reason for
> not creating it - but if they did, I believe you should.  I certainly
> don't see failing to create it as any kind of win.
> I understand the argument - the guidelines say there is no need for
> a new zone as the time has been the same as ... since at least 1970.
> And you can claim that you're not making a political decision because
> of that - though people in Kosovo might (one day) start complain that
> you're a Russian/Serbian puppet, and are trying to pretend Kosovo doesn't
> exist.

So why doesn't that argument apply to Europe/Glasgow and Europe/Cardiff?

Followed in quick succession by Europe/Redruth.

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