[tz] winter & Summer time in the State Of Palestine

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Tue Aug 30 06:36:18 UTC 2022

​​​​​​Dear Sir,

We would like to inform you that winter time will begin in Palestine from Saturday 10-29, 02:00 AM by 60 minutes backwards
Also the state of Palestine adopted the summer and winter time for the years: 2023,2024,2025,2026 as following below:
 * Summer time will begin in Palestine from Saturday, 02:00 AM by 60 minutes forwards as shown in the table below. 
 * winter time  will begin in Palestine from Saturday  ,02:00 AM  by 60 minutes backwards as shown  in the table below YearSummer TimeWinter Time202325/328/10202430/326/10202529/325/10202628/324/10
.Kindly find the attachment below that includes the decision of the Palestinian cabinet With Respects,

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