[tz] Add option to act like global-tz

Paul Eggert eggert at cs.ucla.edu
Thu Aug 4 01:27:52 UTC 2022

On 8/3/22 17:01, Stephen Colebourne via tz wrote:

> 1) Some of the toolchains (ThreeTen-BP at least) depend on the
> `leapseconds` file, so can that be added please.

Thanks for pointing that out. I installed the attached patch, which also 
adds the other source files you mentioned. (You also mentioned 
'backward' which was already included albeit in size-zero form.)

I then built a freshly tailored tarball using "make PACKRATDATA=backzone 
PACKRATLIST=zone.tab tailored_tarballs", which you can temporarily find 
here, if you'd like to test with it:


> 2) The generated tarball places all data in the etcetera file, rather
> than in africa/asia etc. This may cause problems for downstream users
> that wish to only package some files. I suspect that group of people
> is small, nevertheless it is worth noting that the generated tarball
> is not equivalent.

Yes, I added a comment to that effect in the Makefile (see attached 
patch). I doubt whether anyone packages just 'asia'. If they do then 
it's fixable but will take some work and complexity that I'd rather 
avoid. The idea is to support real-world use, and not worry about every 
theoretically-possible use.

> Is it practical to keep the various files separate? Or to include more
> files?

Including more files is easy and is done by the attached patch. Getting 
every source file to look just like global-tz's would be harder and I 
hope it's not needed.
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