[tz] Chile Timezone change

Paul Gilmartin PaulGBoulder at AIM.com
Wed Aug 10 22:46:13 UTC 2022

On 8/10/22 15:01:59, Juan Luis Orellana via tz wrote:
> Dear IANA Team,
> I'm glad I can be in touch with you, this mail has as objective, to ask for
> a tzdata update package, our Chilean Goverment changed the timezone change
> date from 09/03/23:59 to 09/10 23:59 (America/Santiago), due to political
> reasons.
Does that imply that 2023-09-23 23:59:00 will be followed a second
later by 2023-09-24 00:59:01?

> Please if you can answer me or guide me to make that change on the files,
> I'll apretitate that I'm struggling to correct that across from more than a
> thousand servers.

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