[tz] Moving more zones to 'backzone'

Robert Elz kre at munnari.OZ.AU
Mon Aug 15 20:07:25 UTC 2022

    Date:        Thu, 4 Aug 2022 01:12:15 +0100
    From:        Stephen Colebourne via tz <tz at iana.org>
    Message-ID:  <CACzrW9CST5TAPdTQizL4G3GrGoCaO4rc-D6dtm-j0a80O3VNVQ at mail.gmail.com>

  | (I'd like to hear from Robert Elz as to whether he views the generated
  | tarballs as sufficient for NetBSD)

Sorry, this was another message I had not read until just now...

I probably would not have been able to answer anyway, as I don't think
I had any easy way to test those changes until there was a release for
me to fetch - they were only available in some git repo, I believe, and
git (like emacs) is on my "stay away at all costs" list.

I think over the past couple of messages, you can see the answer is "no".


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